IFHE-United States Development Fund

The purpose of the IFHE-US Development Fund is to advance the objectives of home economics internationally for educational and charitable purposes; through scientific information, to promote educational programs and studies in all areas related to home economics and the improvement of the quality of life of individuals, families and communities; and to strengthen the profession’s ability to advocate in behalf of families in national and international settings.

Fund-Raising Projects

What is the IFHE Development Fund?

How can one give to the Development Fund?

Funds can be received in a variety of forms:
• A personal gift as a contribution
• A contribution associated with a fund-raising project
• A memorial fund commemorating an individual, or event, to preserve their memory or recognize their contribution
• A corporate gift from a body whose corporate mission is congruent with IFHE
• An estate bequest (will) or deferred giving in a personal will or estate plan, subject to the laws of individual states

Contributions should be sent to:
IFHE-US Development Fund
P.O. Box 2403
Holland, MI 49422-2403 USA

or contact Sharon McManus at svmcmanus@aol.com

Audience at Cultural Event, Reno NV, 2008.


  Annual Cultural Event associated with AAFCS Annual Conference

Cultural Event Fund-Raiser, celebrating the Hmong Culture, Minneapolis, MN 2005

TheNative American Culture was highlighted in 2011 in Phoenix, AZ